Bringing design concepts to life—utilizing limitless possibilities of 3D knitting technology and sustainable materials.


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At the start of the pandemic, VARIANT3D set out to create an effective yet comfortable knit mask.

Sensors embedded into health and wellness product

  • Bluetooth Low Energy used in query mode to log nearby unique ID’s, and store ID of contacts within 6 feet for extended periods. LED alerts users when they are too close to others.

  • Dual temperature sensors remove ambient temperature fluctuations and predictive AI is calibrated to measure accurate core body temperature.

What's unique about this industry?

This is one of the knitting industry's most prominent uses for a variety of medical and surgical devices and supplies. By leveraging LOOPTM software, VARIANT3D is able to accelerate the innovation already occurring in the medical space.


VL-M3 is a self-folding mask engineered with copper and sustainable fibers to expand and collapse around contours.

Lined with CuTEC® anti-microbial technology, the fabric of our mask provides anti-odor and anti-bacterial benefits.

  • Zero Waste manufacturing from recycled water bottles
  • CuTEC® copper yarn
  • Elastic ear loop with adjustable stoppers
  • Adjustable nose bridge
  • Double layer knit fabric
  • Made in the US